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Venetian blinds

Table of sizes

  • PAR C2R
  • PAR C2A
  • PAR C4A
  • PAR F4A
  • PAR F6R
  • PAR F6A
  • PAR M4R
  • PAR M4A
  • PAR M6R
  • PAR M6A
  • PAR M8R
  • PAR M8A
  • PAR M10A
  • PAR P6A
  • PAR S6R
  • PAR S6A
  • PAR S8A
  • PAR U4A
  • PAR U8A

Control light - Venetian blind

Our Venetian blind allows excellent sunlight control with that classic and stylish Venetian effect. It is made of aluminium, so you can use it in the bathroom for greater privacy and shade.

No cords and strings – Dakea Venetian blind offers neat cordless operation.

Lacquered aluminium slats make it ideal for humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. 

A stylish and classical way to gain total control of the amount and direction of light in a room.

You will need less than 10 minutes to install our blind with a screwdriver and a hammer, by following our step-by-step installation instructions, which come with all our products. Our blinds fit perfectly, require no cutting and can be assembled in 3 easy steps.

Step-by-step installation instructions included in the box. 

Dakea blinds are covered by 2 year guarantee.

Dakea Venetian blinds fit Dakea, VELUX® (including new generation - V22), FAKRO®, Optilight®, Keylite®, Starlite®, RoofLITE®, DAKSTRA®, roof windows.

To choose a blind fitting your roof window, use the 'Search for blinds' tool 

Technical parameters
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